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Why We Exist

Why We Exist

Enabling ecommerce in your business is something you may already have done or are thinking of doing. This is no easy task. In our roles in day to day work and from lecturing and mentoring many companies, the biggest challenge right now is the doing – or execution, as we call it.

Being given a strategy is fine, but then, how do you deliver this?

There are not enough skilled team members available. In Ireland, or in general for that matter. We have neglected to continue training this discipline, so the gap is widening as the demand for more staff increases as the speed of digitising is increasing. In our roles as lecturers over the past 5+ years, we have seen the variety of business diversify to every type of product and service you could imagine.

There is another cyclical movement happening too. Many people feel they have been burned by their agency or hired wrong people in and are adverse now to the risk. Our framework allows you to establish the right approach to take for your business. We work with you to understand who that next hire could be, should be or where best to spend your hard earned marketing budget.

Our next steps are simple:


  • Agree the steps with you and determine a series of activities to build a picture
  • Validate these assumptions with tests and actions
  • Measure them and repeat
  • Repeat and Train
  • Train, tweak and give you control back
  • Develop the strategy and start looking at efficiencies


As a team of freelancers we are not employed by any one organisation. We rely on getting the best result on your behalf all of the time.

We are open to challenge each other and conversely work with trust and confidence as key attributes within our team.

We have that trust and knowledge from over 5 years collectively working on projects together.

We give you the ability to determine where you want your risk to be reduced