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What We Offer

Our Work Streams

eCommerce Strategy

There are a number of steps to be addressed, each with varying levels of length and challenge. These are the first steps and will involve most of the initial heavy lifting. This workflow will create the roadmap for success of the product:


  • eCommerce Foundation: Building out a well thought-out design using wireframes for effective shopping means making proper foundational decisions to ensure long-term success.
  • eCommerce Customer Proposition: defining the correct proposition that will trigger action, using the right copy, conversion messaging and testimonials
  • eCommerce Flows: Defining initial funnels, flows and  financial and non-financial metrics and agreed across the project team
  • eCommerce Conversion: Learning from the previous steps to drive UX, entry points, ‘nudge’ points to drive in funnel, descriptions
  • eCommerce Architecture: whilst it will not be possible to achieve everything immediately, a roadmap should be created so that these can be considered in the design and architecture, reducing cost and hassle later.

Analytics – Data can be intimidating


What We Propose To Do

The underlying objective of Analytics Workflow is help the eCommerce team become a data-driven business from Day 1, and set-up the structures and systems required to measure effectively We propose the following:


Take away the uncertainty around data. We’ll set-up what is required and develop a business specific configuration tailored to your products and the your specific customer funnel. Setting this up correctly from the outset will give total security that your business knows its CPA, CPC, drop-off rates, channel performance data etc. are totally correct.


Make data meaningful and useful. We’ll develop custom reporting across the business ensuring that you have access to the right information to inform your decisions.  We will integrate measurement plan through GTM/GA customisation. This means product performance, acquisition channel performance for marketing, UX and technical information for developers, and detailed funnel information to know which marketing lever to pull.


Increase confidence in analysis.. All analytics platforms overwhelm people to a point. We can ensure everyone is comfortable using reports, dashboards and metrics. We want data to inspire your decision making and contribute to everyone’s understanding of how to grow and scale your business effectively.


  1. Discovery
    • Understand the teams interaction and understanding of data
    • Review current implementation
    • Identify opportunities/recommendations based on current data set
    • Develop measurement plan
  2. Implement
    • Integrate measurement plan through GTM/GA customisation
    • Develop custom reports & dashboards for each department
  3. Ongoing Training & Support
    • Deliver a group session on newly implemented analytics setup
    • We empower your team to run your business
    • Individual sessions to ensure confidence in data
    • Ad-hoc & in-depth analysis as required


The goal of the Technical Site Audit is to ensure that all sites are optimised towards indexation, allowing all other on and off-site SEO efforts to generate maximum ROI.


By ensuring the following areas are ‘best in class’, we are able to deliver higher keyword positioning that generate positive, incremental revenue through organic search. Through using the approach outlined below, we can train internal team members to pick these up as internal tasks.


We suggest a 9-Step Approach for a typical Technical SEO project, as follows:

1: Strategic Objectives

2: Keyword Analysis

3: Competitor Analysis

4: Technical Analysis

5: Page Level Analysis

6: Content Analysis

7: User Experience Analysis

8: Link Analysis

9: Citation Analysis


Example work: Link Analysis profile  checks will include

  • HTTP Status Code
  • Site Type
  • Link Status
  • Link Score
  • Target URL
  • Anchor Text
  • Link Type
  • Link Location
  • Rel Nofollow
  • Majestic CitationFlow
  • Majestic TrustFlow
  • Mozscape Domain Authority
  • Mozscape Page Authority
  • Mozscape MozRank
  • Mozscape MozTrust
  • Ahrefs Rank
  • Majestic CitationFlow
  • Majestic TrustFlow
  • Mozscape Page Authority
  • Mozscape MozRank
  • Mozscape MozTrust
  • Ahrefs Rank



Our simple approach to content strategy takes four steps over the period of the engagement. We deliver a phased approach which gives a fully integrated content plan. This works hand in hand with our SEO strategy and creates assets that our clients can use and reuse:


  1. SEO Definition
    • Understand what customers are currently searching for
    • Define keywords for the Content Strategy
    • Create segments
  2. Listen
    • Use search tools around specific keywords we can see the sort of questions being asked
    • Define the videos or blog posts we need to create.
    • Define the timings, topics and formats that resonate with your audience.
  3. Ongoing Training & Support
    • Individual sessions to ensure social media and content strategy expertise in the team


The Email Workflow will start with a simple audit  – a structured survey of your email programmes, examining the way email  marketing is planned, managed and seeing if objectives are matched by outcomes.


The 3’c of the Email Marketing Audit:

  • Context: delivery rate, CTR, open rates, unsubscribe history, database size, email acquisition programmes, planning.
  • Content: objectives, campaigns, offers , activities, regularity, consistency, copy, calls-to-actions, newsletter v blast, cross-channel consistency.
  • Capabilities: organisation structure, ESP system, people expertise, buy-in.

Segmenting the customer email database is a question of thinking through individual attributes (data specific to an individual) or group attributes (data specific to a group). The reasons for segmentation are very simple: Better Targetting => Better ROI

Sample segmentation possibilities for email:

  • Buyer Behaviour – purchases
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Sales Cycle Stage


Recommended Strategy for Email Acquisition & Results:

  • Relentlessly focus on acquisition across all touchpoints
  • Ask for the minimum information
  • Over-deliver on the value to be exchanged for the email address due to the potential customer lifetime value
  • For customers who have NOT opted-in, put them on a customer service based onboarding email campaign with a note from ‘the team” asking to join the fun.