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What We Are

What We Are, What We Are Not

Kevin Costner was full of shit – if you build it, they won’t come. You will have to work your ass off to pay for the stadium, realise, you got no team, forgot about security and left marketing to itself thinking the long term fans would show up wearing their fangear? You are mistaken, we all were.

We are a team of freelancing ecommerce experts. We specialise in helping companies digitise their business through defined strategies that are built around some simple concepts:

  •         Keep it simple and without jargon
  •         Build it so it can be repeated and measured with ease
  •         In line with best practice
  •         Based on your business practices and objectives
  •         Long term solutions

Our expertise is based on over 30 years collective experience in designing, running and managing ecommerce businesses from pure start up phase right through to working for companies such as eBay and Google. We are hands on business advisors and we are committed to removing the barriers to entry into ecommerce for you and your team. Our goal is to determine the optimal route to your ecommerce goals – in our experience this is difficult and not clear.

We want to remove the “Field of dreams” myth – if you build it they will come. For too long, this has been the rhetoric of many agencies, not us.  We focus on key pillars:

  •         Operations & Processes
  •         Platforms and People
  •         Product and Sales

These are the building blocks of your business, we are giving you another way to look at them, and will help remove the fear or lack of understanding the how, what and why.