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Web Design & eCommerce Integration
ecommerce, ice cream, protein, web design, wheyhey, wordpress
About This Project

The Problem:

External hosting and 3rd party website management meant that maintaining control, staying agile and being able to adapt and update quickly, all of which are traits critical to a company with passion for growth, were simply not happening.


The Brief:

Ground up website rebuild with eCommerce integration & post code store locator. Handing previously managed hosting and full website control back to the team internally, with systems training where required.


Who Are Wheyhey.com?

Wheyhey.com are a fantastic, vibrant young company that are really going places – well to be honest, they’ve already got there, but there’s so much more to come.

They make great tasting, protein-rich, sugar free ice cream and brownies which they sell online and through a network of distributors including Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets throughout the UK.

Check out their journey, it’s a fascinating one, starting out with nothing more than a 2nd hand ice cream machine and a big idea in flat in London, a dodgy van called Blu-tac, to support from Sir Richard Branson and on to nationwide distribution by supermarket juggernauts.

We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!