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Crua Outdoors

Consultancy, Web Design & eCommerce Integration
consultancy, content creation, crua outdoors, email marketing, shopify, website design
About This Project


Crua have become a perfect partner to us. We have developed the partnership organically, through proven results and showing commitment above and beyond what had become “the norm”. Having been fair weather outdoors people up to now, we are adopting Crua principles to our outdoor living.

There was no brief. We were approached to mentor Derek, the Crua founder, as he navigated his way to becoming a digital first business. Everything was on the table. Combining tactical campaigns with strategic partnerships from within our network, we have helped elevate Crua into pole position in the outdoors industry.

Since we began working with Crua, we have become their extended marketplace and leadership team. Marketing Projects & Site innovations include:

  • Multi Stage payments through Klarna
  • Kickstarter Campaign planning
  • 3rd Party Retail partnerships
  • WeChat partnership Q2 2018
  • Facebook live and manychat
  • We even acted in some of their video content!

Key Sales Channels we manage with them:

  • Core site
  • Amazon US
  • Facebook store
  • Cabellas 3rd Party Retail via EDI
  • Many more in Q1 2018

We have a fluid relationship as a broader remote team who live all things Crua. 2018 will be big for the Crua Family.


Who Are Crua Outdoors?

Crua Outdoors are a small team of innovative and ambitious creators who discovered a gap in the market for a range of high-performace tents and camping equipment.


Frustrated by the crop of lack-lustre products available on the market, founder and outdoors enthusiast Derek O’Sullivan decided to go and make his own, and in doing so he went and built what are probably the best tents in the world.


Crua tents are ‘obsessively engineered’ and it’s a trait ingrained within the company, not just a tagline or phony  marketing mantra. Crua tents are insulated for light, temperature and sound, are made using the best materials and are designed to last a lifetime, not just a season.


Crua also manufacture large scale, semi permanent structures for on-site applications globally, such as the thermally insulated blast resistant structure that the team erected in Saudi Arabia with glory partner Byrne Rental. We are confident that this step into industrial manufacturing will be a key pillar in the crua range.